Driller Role Description



▪ Carry out drilling operations ensuring the respect of plan and operative safety rules
▪ Holding the proper drilling know-how and IADC or IWCF certification, be fully able to operate on offshore/onshore rig conditions ensuring the well program is carried out in a safe, efficient and productive manner according to Saipem Procedures and in line with contractual requirements






▪ Be responsible for safe working conditions on the drill floor at all times
▪ Be safety minded during in all works and behaviours, use compulsory protective equipment and ensure the same for subordinates
▪ Be well-informed about actions, procedures and duties during safety drills and in emergency situations (refer to Emergency Preparedness Action Plan)
▪ Carry out own duties according to the Emergency Preparedness Action Plan
▪ Intervene promptly and opportunely in emergencies, at the same time notifying the superior in charge (refer to Emergency Preparedness Action Plan)
▪ Issue Safe Job Analysis before the start-up of non-routine operation or job and ensure completion of risk assessments where required
▪ Attend safety drills and meetings held on the rig
▪ Be well-informed about all relevant work and safety procedures issued by Saipem and the Operator, applying them and promoting their implementation
▪ Promptly report any safety hazard, accident, near-miss accident and non-conformance through proper channels
▪ Ensure that good housekeeping is maintained on the drill floor
▪ Instruct all personnel assigned to him of their duties and responsibilities and of any special safety and environmental precaution to be taken prior to start up any work
▪ Check and set up the equipment necessary for the assigned shift, i.e. drill pipes and other tubular material, x-over, etc.
▪ Operate drawworks, rotary equipment and pumps as per Drilling program and game plan supplied by the Client
▪ Be well-informed about handling and operating safely all drilling related tools and equipment
▪ Receive handover from the previous shift and verify status of operations and equipment before beginning own shift
▪ Receive instructions for drilling parameters (weight on bit, rotary table rpm, pressures and pump outputs) as well as other work procedures (type and expected life of bit, mud characteristics, bore control, etc.) and ensure their correct application. Whenever deemed necessary, within thespecified limits, change the drilling parameters to improve the drilling progress
▪ Be well-informed about the established well control and drilling operational procedures
▪ Be well-informed about running and testing of the BOP and how to operate the same and the diverter system
▪ Carry out BOP tests and drills in accordance with authorities, Client’s and Saipem requirements
▪ Ensure that all reporting routines are followed and that all equipment related paperwork is kept within own area of responsibility. In particular:
fill up a daily drilling report for the activities performed during own shift describing the work carried out and the equipment utilized
update the pipe tally book and draft dimensioned drawings of the equipment run in the well
▪ Assist rig down/rig up operations by performing, coordinating and controlling activities of own competences
▪ Prepare and pass consistent and accurate handover for the next shift
▪ Be well informed of KPI objectives supplied by the Client and organize drilling equipment and drill floor crew activities in order to seek performance optimization
▪ Be well informed about operations performed with third party as casing run, cementing, wireline and instruct the crew accordingly
▪ Recognize and prevent possible stuck pipe situations according to drilling parameters


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