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OOW Engineering Watch DP


▪ Responsible for safe watch keeping, control and maintenance of engine room mechanical equipment and propulsion
▪ Maintain routine documentation as required by Company
▪ Whenever required, act as MS (maintenance supervisor) or BOX (ballast control operator) as defined in IMO resolution A.
1079 (28)


▪ Report to 2nd Engineer DP
▪ Be familiar with and maintain awareness of the relevant Company requirements and where applicable, the latest industry
codes and standards including statutory rules and regulations
▪ Ensure all workspace activities are carried out in a consistent manner with Company policies and in accordance to Vessel
Management Manual
▪ Ensure safe and efficient operations of engine room machinery, during own duty watch
▪ Ensure that DP engine room operations, if required, are carried out as per Company procedures
▪ Ensure that the Asset Management Operative System (AMOS) is rigorously implemented, in order to survey, test and
maintain all ship machinery/equipment, comprising Emergency and Safety systems
▪ Carry out all analysis task for cooling water, sanitary water, diesel oil and oil for all equipment
▪ Participate in bunkering/offloading of fuel/oil and the refueling of vessels
▪ Advise 2nd Engineer DP for efficient and timely ordering of spares for the equipment under own charge
▪ Perform duties within the vessel emergency team as indicated in Emergency Preparedness Manual
▪ Intervene and report to 2nd Engineer DP any unsafe act, unsafe working conditions, near misses and incidents/accidents
▪ Ensure the Chief Engineer DP/2nd Engineer DP is informed immediately of any condition or incident that arises as per
standing instruction
▪ Ensure that no major action will be undertaken or executed without informing the Chief Engineer DP/2nd Engineer DP
▪ Report to the 2nd Engineer DP or Chief Engineer DP any hazardous situation that goes beyond own intervention
▪ Maintain the vessel in accordance with class and statutory legislation
▪ Compliance with appropriate and applicable legislative requirements
▪ Monitoring and prevent environmental pollution accordingly to MARPOL
▪ Ensure safe and efficient operations and record Engine logbook of engine machinery during own duty watch
▪ Take over the watch as per Company procedures
▪ Take care of daily calculation of R.O.B.


▪ Carry out watch in engine room
▪ Maintain safe working practices


▪ STCW required certificates, National CoC Reg. III/1 and endorsement
▪ Completion of all training and certifications as described in the Training Matrix
▪ Dynamic Position Training as per Company Procedure


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