It takes YOU to make super sports cars.

We are looking for brilliant junior or senior Employees with a strong passion for Automotive sector and strong motivation to carry out in a dynamic and international context in several Departments.

  • Industrial
  • Quality
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • R&D

Do you speak fluent English and possibly German?

Do you have good organizational and communication skills?

Are you keen on working in team and able to meet customer request?


Are you wondering why you would have to be part of our team?

It takes attitude to make supercars. This is the place where the everyday meets enthusiasm, curiosity and know-how. Where we bring Italian excellence in craftsmanship and the pioneering spirit of innovation to life.

It takes energy to make supercars and to carry out our job, sharing our values and purpose. At Lamborghini, people, passion and competences meet technology, inspiration and innovative thinking.

It takes pride to come together in a dynamic and collaborative work environment, where authenticity and teamwork combine to design unique experiences. We are looking for achievers that want to reach the extraordinary, in a place they can be authentically themselves.

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