Ocem Airfield Technology

Software Manager


Location: Bologna, Italy

Department: Research & Development


Software Manager

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic people with the passion to support our vision and values and to help change the future of aviation. We are now offering a fascinating position as Software Manager.

The Software Manager will be leading the development of innovative and smart software solutions to help airports better manage aircrafts from landing to departure.



Reporting to the Head of the R&D team and supported by a team of software specialists, he will coordinate software initiatives ensuring their overall coherence with the long-term company vision.

He will expand and manage an ecosystem and partnerships with forward-looking digital/software companies, startups and organizations.

The core objective of the function is to optimize airport operations, a complex and evolving environment involving numerous stakeholders.


Essential Functions

He will be the guardian of the company's software solutions and continually push them towards further improvements.

During the solution definition phase, the SM is in constant relationship with management, the business team and the potential users to ensure that the solution and its features stick with the company vision and strategy.

During the POC (Proof of Concept), the SM interacts mostly with the developer, technical and designers’ teams to coordinate the solution delivery.

During the run phase, the SM interacts with the client, customer service and the sw development team to get feedback from users and improve the product performance.



In coordination with the head of the R&D team:

  • define the solution vision, the strategic roadmap and lead the POC definition
  • shape the solution business drivers and refine them over time
  • Interact with clients to assess needs, gather feedbacks and push POCs
  • coordinate with the Business Development and Sales teams to identify new needs, inspire the future roadmap and define user cases


Solution development coordination

Identify, synthetize, and translate client needs and pain points in the features’ specifications.

  • Orchestrate the solution development while ensuring the respect of deadlines.
  • Manage a technical team (including developers and designers) on the core development and the design and deployment of new features.
  • Lead the selection of the development approach and, if needed, the service provider.


Experience and background

  • Experience leading projects in an international, multicultural and entrepreneurial environment.
  • First Class Degree in Electric or Electronic Engineering.
  • Experience writing product requirements documents, user stories and using project management systems.
  • Commercial exposure is a plus, with the focus on finding solutions to underlying customer pain points in a cost efficient and scalable way.
  • Software management experience – Agile software development processes, bug tracking and resource management.
  • Deep understanding of technical topics.
  • Experience with automation / control / monitoring systems, based both on PLCs and PCs.
  • Knowledge of HMI technologies and user-experience optimization.
  • Experience with distributed SW architecture, industrial communication protocols and IIoT messaging systems.
  • Experience with web-based technologies (client-server architectures, RESTul API, Websockets, HTML5, etc.).
  • Of course, knowledge of AGL solutions is a plus.



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