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Sales Area Manager Italy


Location: Bologna, Italy

Department: Sales


Sales Area Manager - Italy

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic people with the passion to support our vision and values and to help change the future of aviation. We are now offering a fascinating position as Sales Area Manager - Italy.


The mission is to maintain and grow the market leadership in Italy of OCEM Airfield portfolio of products, systems, and services. Portfolio is mainly Airfield lighting (AGL) solutions, with a focus on hubs, international airports, local ones, and military airports.


She/he will enter only those projects where a profitable business can be created from the first step (no buy-in), by offering a price competitive and at the same time cost efficient portfolio, with possibilities for later up-selling and revolving order entry.



Create a profitable and constantly growing order entry and market share for products, systems, solutions and services that fall under the OCEM Airfield core business in Italy. The main target is to reach at least the order entry and operating margin figures as defined in the yearly budget.

Ensure a continuous and future-safe growth by offering:

  • upgrades (up-selling) of basic, price-competitive offers.
  • advanced products, systems, and solutions.
  • value added customer services.

and develop:

  • on-time response on RFQ's, independent of what size and nature.
  • Key Account Management approach with major customers.
  • network of local experts/consultants.

The Area Sales Manager shall define the order entry, sales, and cost budgets for the next fiscal year. This budget will show a consistent and profitable growth. It will be approved by the Managing Director of OCEM Airfield.

During the fiscal year, the Area Sales Manager will monitor his own budgets at least once a month. In case of negative deviations higher than 10% of the YTD-figures, he will report this to management, proposing at the same time constructive and creative ideas to rectify the situation. The Area Sales Manager will not limit his activities to existing customers and markets, but will engage into Business Development in following areas:

  • new products/systems/solutions/services.
  • this will be done in coordination with Management and with other sales departments involved, to avoid overlapping activities.

Respect a strict and qualitative internal reporting:

  • reliable forecasts in terms of value, capture rate and expected time of order entry; to be updated at least weekly.
  • discipline in sales pipeline clean-up and continuous updating; at least weekly
  • detailed action plans for "Hot Projects”

Teamwork and a transparent info-exchange is expected.

Qualifications & Skills

  • 5 to 10 years of experience in a proven and successful sales role
  • First Class Degree in Commercial or Engineering or equivalent by experience in an international & cultural environment
  • Knowledge of market trends, competitors, customer potentials, market shares
  • Know-how and promotion of customer benefits, customer requirements, unique selling points and financing solutions
  • Know-how of contract management, project management, service management
  • Presentation & negotiation know-how, strong verbal, and non-verbal communication capacities
  • Knowledge of project financing and importance of commercial terms & conditions
  • Very good knowledge of English, another language is a plus.
  • Ability for creative, out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Flexibility and mobility.
  • Willingness to travel extensively.
  • Of course, know-how of airport business, processes, cost structures and standards are a plus.

Personal Competence

  • You have an international, intercultural mindset and love working with colleagues and clients around the globe.
  • You are creative, dedicated, and open-minded, motivated to always find the best result and quality and improve on processes.
  • Your communication skills allow you to understand others easily and impart your ideas in a clear and concise manner.
  • Aviation is a fast-paced and challenging environment, but you know how to deal with that. You can handle some pressure and have great time management skills.
  • Most of all, winning is your passion and continuing to learn your drive!



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