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The candidate will manage and lead the NPI Planning Central team and the several NPI Planning teams deployed in Italian production plants.


As Italy NPI Planning Manager, the candidate will have to coordinate the team in charge of conducting:

  • Feasibility and Capacity Analysis applied to introduction activities and first production operations;
  • Information and components flows management from internal and external suppliers;
  • Brand, costumer and corporate reporting related to NPI delivery plans.


Moreover, the candidate will lead and manage the teams that coordinate the planning and the production flows of all the new models (frames and components) introduced and produced in Italian plants.



The Italy NPI Planning Manager in responsible for supporting the Top Management decision making process related to production and delivery plans of strategic and critical models through:

  • Weekly official NPI analysis and reporting
  • Development, coordination and monitoring of production and delivery recovery plans;
  • Short-term and long-term analysis aimed to budgeting and market delivery timing negotiation.


The candidate will autonomously interact with all functions involved in new models development and production (R&D, Product Office, Engineering, Quality, Supply Chain and Manufacturing) in order to develop, improve and execute plans and activities aimed to new products introduction and on time market delivery.



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